” . . . every little thing given and taken in love, with a harmonious and good thought, has a greater value than the object itself.”

Inspiration from my favourite Sufi Mystic~Musician, Hazrat Inayat Khan

A Thousand blessings of Harmonious Thoughts on a Wave of Love,



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” . . . every l…


O! Ladybug ladybug O!


A ladybug crawled out of my bag (not rug) as I was writing online – I placed her carefully on the windowsill next me – she crawled so slowly, then suddenly ended up on the ledge falling over the edge . . . 

We all have to go there sometimes – to the edge that is. But how many of us take the leap? Only the risk takers, I dare say! O! Ladybug ladybug! you lived after such a great fall to the floor! And up I scooped you, and off you went to an overly abundantly blooming gigantic outdoor-in-the-sunshine flower pot – petunias, pansies, spikes and the like . .  o! so green and gloriously colourful and fragrant. What a world for your tiny body and eyes and feelers too. 

What flowers are about to bloom in your garden – in your heart today? What edge can you use as a springboard to a wilder, wider ~ and beautifully blooming-in-the-sunshine landing – for now? Ok! Get into position, take a breath . . .  and . . .  here you go!


Lion~Hearted Wellness ~ Amber Lights


Eureka! When you walk uphill to Aslan Insitute at night, the amber golden light beckons one like notes of distant music softly touching into chambers of the heart that may have fallen asleep or simply on automatic pilot. Aslan is place to heal, to awaken, to realize there is more to living on this planet than our culture conveys.  Lyndall Johnson, owner and president, founded a dynamic, collaborative model for integrative care of body-mind-spirit . . .  and soul.

Aslan with Amber Light

Aslan Institute, Eagan, MN

Nancy Chakrin, artist and connector of connectors, inroduced me to Aslan about three weeks ago. Gratitude! In a room called the Narnia Room Nancy’s beautiful photographs from her book (with co-author Laurie Ellis-Young) Friendship are currently on exhibit ~ not to be missed! Just being in Narnia with these images is to tap into that endless streaming sourced from a pool of peace and renewal (inspiration too!).

Eureka! On Valentine’s Day ~ Delighted to announce that I open my office-studio at Aslan ~ currently I am receiving inquiries and calls for consultation appointments and/or psychotherapy. Aslan is truly a place where an  atmosphere of genuine positive energy and healing supports your process (and my presence with you). I am grateful to offer to each of you who decides to take the leap into wellness and greater expression of who you truly are such a beautiful setting for reflection, renewal, and deep listening.

My approach – integrative, interactive, heart-centered, intuitive, and creative. Your responsibility ~ to show up and be willing to listen to your heart, to your soul, to your innermost feelings ~ Through Deep Listening we work together to design a customized wellness ‘map’ for you ~ this may include expressing through drawing, writing, talking, moving, breath work, meditation, sound healing, vocalizing . . . it is your map and what calls to you that matters the most. Call now for appointment – first 9 sessions – special rate!

http://vesselofvoices.com          Toward the Amber Light, Roxanna

*Aslan Institute is named after the lion, Aslan, in the Narnia Series by C.S. Lewis.  . . . lion is solar symbol of Light, enlightenment . . .

Sharing Joy of Magical Ginkgo

Amber Gingko Carpet

Another Angle on Amber Ginkgo Carpet

Delicate & glorious, each leaf – beauty falling all around ~ softly, endlessly letting go and free-falling to earth . A golden carpet with growing depth fans out into a full mandala from where I stand.

First, my mother comes, wrapped in light winter garb; it is late for her, but such wonder and joy is contagious. I run inside; only light coaxing captivates my father as well. With his native american carved cane in hand, a wool scarf thrown lightly around his neck, he limps out ~ now the joy is witnessing smiles open their faces and light up their eyes ~ Pure presence is awesome and so precious.

An evening like this is, indeed, precious. Since there was so very little wind, the falling of amber leaves grew silent and took a pause here and there, then leaves began their descent again ~ I stayed outside until nearly midnight on my third visitation; sometimes now I close my eyes and fall into that magical timelessness all over again.

Etymology on Ginkgo: “Ancient Chinese records are surprisingly complete and describe the tree as ya-chio-tu,                                                                meaning a tree with leaves like a duck’s foot.” Ginkgoes have been known to live as long as 2,500 years!!”                                                                               Many Blessings,       Roxanna ~ www.vesselofvoices.com

Gingko leaf as 'Duck's Foot'

Gingko leaf as 'Duck's Foot'

‘Glorious Shower of Golden Ginkgo Leaves’ in Light of Shimmering Full Moon


Following an evening of honest conversation and poignant sharing, I drove home and stepped out onto a red brick pathway under the pearly full moonlight, completely in the dark about what was about to transform not only my evening, but the atmosphere all around.
A magical dance from above, nature’s gift arrived in that most ordinary of daily activities ~ walking to the door from the car.

As I step toward the gate a shower of amber gingko leaves rain down upon me, whispering across a shoulder, blessing my crown, a hand,  . . . a gingko leaf here, a gingko leaf there  . . .  like falling snow in the stillness of a birch grove with the  accompaniment of the softest, lightest music I’ve ever heard ~ like velvet at the tips of angels’ wings kissing the earth.

Under Full Moonlight

One by one by Golden Leaf falling ~ Eve of 11-11-11

Joy bubbles over like a stream in springtime ~ the atmosphere so numinous it transports me. Delicate & glorious, each leaf – beauty falling all around ~ softly, endlessly letting go and free falling to earth . A golden carpet . . . next blog ~ sharing amber joy . . .

A Golden Shower of Blessings upon you,


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Golden Years ~ Golden Gingko



Two Leaves on a Pond

Two Leaves on a Pond ~ Mother & Daughter leaves!

On a full moon night in November I attended a book signing and talk by JacLynn Herron on Singing Solo: In Search of a Voice for Mom Singing Solo is a heartfelt memoir about a mother-daughter relationship as the mother’s health declines; J. Herron opens  a window into          living and dying in a nursing home after her mother suffered several strokes on top of alzheimer’s diagnosis, and the multi-faceted                           roller coaster ride that ensues. 

Following an evening of honest conversation and poignant sharing, I drove home and stepped out onto a red brick pathway under the pearly full moonlight, completely in the dark about . . . in next blog read about the magical shower  . . .

May you be blessed with wonder,


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